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macross frontier

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Also Known as: ?????????? ????F ????F???????? Macross F
Manga Author: AOKI Hayato

Summary: There happens a war as Macross Frontier's safety is threatened.

There a young boy named Alto one day decides to join a special military force in order to defend humans against a swarm of vajras.

Ranka Lee is a normal green haired girl who worked at a chinese restaurant. Following her passion of song singing, she slowly followed her road to success but little did she know what sacrifices she had to make because of it. Also, the secrets from her past that have been haunting her.

Sheryl Nome is a successful singer known as the Songstress of the Galaxy. As the story develops, her career slowly meets a downfall when Ranka took the stage. Finally, she was faced with a truth that couldn't be changed.

Genre(s): action, adventure, mecha, shounen, supernatural

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ReleasedLangSeries / EpisodeGroup(s)DL
10-03-2008macross frontier 25LunarAnime macross frontier 25
09-28-2008macross frontier 25gg macross frontier 25
07-04-2009macross frontier 25Menclave macross frontier 25
07-08-2009macross frontier 25AnimeOne & Menclave macross frontier 25
08-22-2009macross frontier 25Shinsen-Subs macross frontier 25
09-25-2008macross frontier 24LunarAnime macross frontier 24
09-21-2008macross frontier 24gg macross frontier 24
08-22-2009macross frontier 24Shinsen-Subs macross frontier 24
09-15-2008macross frontier 23LunarAnime macross frontier 23
09-14-2008macross frontier 23gg macross frontier 23
08-22-2009macross frontier 23Shinsen-Subs macross frontier 23
09-10-2008macross frontier 22LunarAnime macross frontier 22
09-07-2008macross frontier 22gg macross frontier 22
07-30-2009macross frontier 22Shinsen-Subs macross frontier 22
09-04-2008macross frontier 21LunarAnime macross frontier 21
08-30-2008macross frontier 21gg macross frontier 21
04-25-2009macross frontier 21AnimeOne & Menclave macross frontier 21
07-30-2009macross frontier 21Shinsen-Subs macross frontier 21
08-30-2008macross frontier 20LunarAnime macross frontier 20
08-24-2008macross frontier 20gg macross frontier 20
07-12-2009macross frontier 20Shinsen-Subs macross frontier 20
02-28-2009macross frontier 19AnimeOne & Menclave macross frontier 19
09-04-2008macross frontier 19LunarAnime macross frontier 19
08-17-2008macross frontier 19gg macross frontier 19
07-12-2009macross frontier 19Shinsen-Subs macross frontier 19