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World Destruction

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Also Known as: World Destruction ~ The Two Angels
Manga Author: SEGA
Manga Artist: Minoru Murao

Summary: In a world ruled by anthropomorphic animals. Humans live as slaves, and a group of terrorists dubbed the "World Destruction Committee" intends to destroy the world in rebellion.

A young man, Kyrie, who possesses the power to destroy the world, though he does not know why. Morte, a young woman with a tragic past and who is leader of a terrorist organization plotting to destroy the world. A demi-human named Naja, Morte's childhood friend Agan, a tough bear named Toppy, and a dragon girl named Lia. These beings will come together and journey to destroy the world!

Genre(s): adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, seinen

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ReleasedLangSeries / EpisodeGroup(s)DL
12-02-2008World Destruction 20Mayu-Subs World Destruction 20
02-27-2009World Destruction 13Mayu-Subs World Destruction 13
10-05-2008World Destruction 13Chihiro World Destruction 13
10-02-2008World Destruction 13Osu! World Destruction 13
10-01-2008World Destruction 13Dark-Rebirth & Ramen-Subs World Destruction 13
02-21-2009World Destruction 12Mayu-Subs World Destruction 12
10-03-2008World Destruction 12Chihiro World Destruction 12
09-24-2008World Destruction 12Dark-Rebirth & Ramen-Subs World Destruction 12
09-24-2008World Destruction 12Osu! World Destruction 12
01-12-2009World Destruction 11Mayu-Subs World Destruction 11
09-21-2008World Destruction 11Chihiro World Destruction 11
09-17-2008World Destruction 11Osu! World Destruction 11
09-18-2008World Destruction 11Dark-Rebirth & Ramen-Subs World Destruction 11
12-02-2008World Destruction 10Mayu-Subs World Destruction 10
09-12-2008World Destruction 10Chihiro World Destruction 10
09-12-2008World Destruction 10Dark-Rebirth & Ramen-Subs World Destruction 10
09-10-2008World Destruction 10Osu! World Destruction 10
10-10-2008World Destruction 9Mayu-Subs World Destruction 9
09-05-2008World Destruction 9Chihiro World Destruction 9
09-04-2008World Destruction 9Osu! World Destruction 9
09-14-2008World Destruction 8Mayu-Subs World Destruction 8
08-31-2008World Destruction 8Osu! World Destruction 8
08-31-2008World Destruction 8Chihiro World Destruction 8
08-24-2008World Destruction 7Chihiro World Destruction 7
09-07-2008World Destruction 6Mayu-Subs World Destruction 6