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To Love-Ru

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Also Known as: To LOVEる, To-LOVE-Ru, To-LOVE-Ru -Trouble-, Toraburu
Manga Author: Saki Hasemi
Manga Artist: Kentaro Yabuki
Manga Serialized in: Weekly Shounen Jump

Summary: Rito is a high-school boy who just can't confess to the girl of his dreams, Haruna-chan. One day when coming home and sulking in the bath-tub a mysterious, and barely clothed girl, appears out of nowhere. Her name is Lala and she comes from another planet...

Genre(s): action, comedy, ecchi, fantasy, romance, school-life, sci-fi, shounen

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ReleasedLangSeries / EpisodeGroup(s)DL
11-10-2008To Love-Ru 26Chihiro To Love-Ru 26
11-10-2008To Love-Ru 25Chihiro To Love-Ru 25
11-10-2008To Love-Ru 24Chihiro To Love-Ru 24
11-09-2008To Love-Ru 23Chihiro To Love-Ru 23
09-26-2008To Love-Ru 22Chihiro To Love-Ru 22
09-16-2008To Love-Ru 21Chihiro To Love-Ru 21
09-09-2008To Love-Ru 20Chihiro To Love-Ru 20
09-03-2008To Love-Ru 19Chihiro To Love-Ru 19
08-27-2008To Love-Ru 18Chihiro To Love-Ru 18
07-26-2008To Love-Ru 17Chihiro To Love-Ru 17
07-18-2008To Love-Ru 16Chihiro To Love-Ru 16
07-13-2008To Love-Ru 15Chihiro To Love-Ru 15
07-07-2008To Love-Ru 14Chihiro To Love-Ru 14
06-28-2008To Love-Ru 13Chihiro To Love-Ru 13
08-13-2008To Love-Ru 12Ayako To Love-Ru 12
06-21-2008To Love-Ru 12Chihiro To Love-Ru 12
08-13-2008To Love-Ru 11Ayako To Love-Ru 11
08-09-2008To Love-Ru 11AnimeYoshi To Love-Ru 11
06-14-2008To Love-Ru 11Chihiro To Love-Ru 11
07-23-2008To Love-Ru 10AnimeYoshi To Love-Ru 10
07-02-2008To Love-Ru 10Ayako To Love-Ru 10
06-10-2008To Love-Ru 10Chihiro To Love-Ru 10
07-07-2008To Love-Ru 9AnimeYoshi To Love-Ru 9
07-01-2008To Love-Ru 9Ayako To Love-Ru 9
05-31-2008To Love-Ru 9Chihiro To Love-Ru 9