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Manga Author: Sakurako Gokurakuin
Manga Artist: Sakurako Gokurakuin
Manga Serialized in: Young GanGan

Summary: Minato is a total loser. He's failed to make it into college twice, he's unpopular with women, and he's unemployed. Talk about classic-useless-shounen-harem-male-lead...

But wait! There's more--he's actually an Ashikabi--one of a mysterious set of "masters" in an awesome battle royale between hordes of cute girls called "Sekireis." Since this is an ecchi manga, their attacks consist of...you guessed it--ripping each others' clothes off! Looks like his luck's taken a turn for the better.

(from Korean Manga Translations)

Genre(s): action, comedy, ecchi, mature, romance, seinen, supernatural

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ReleasedLangSeries / EpisodeGroup(s)DL
11-04-2008Sekirei 12Titanium Sekirei 12
09-18-2008Sekirei 12Chihiro Sekirei 12
10-02-2008Sekirei 11Titanium Sekirei 11
09-12-2008Sekirei 11Chihiro Sekirei 11
09-21-2008Sekirei 10Titanium Sekirei 10
09-05-2008Sekirei 10Chihiro Sekirei 10
09-13-2008Sekirei 9Titanium Sekirei 9
08-30-2008Sekirei 9Chihiro Sekirei 9
08-30-2008Sekirei 8Titanium Sekirei 8
08-24-2008Sekirei 8Chihiro Sekirei 8
08-22-2008Sekirei 7Titanium Sekirei 7
08-15-2008Sekirei 7Chihiro Sekirei 7
08-10-2008Sekirei 6Titanium Sekirei 6
08-08-2008Sekirei 6Chihiro Sekirei 6
08-08-2008Sekirei 6Hatsuyuki Sekirei 6
08-05-2008Sekirei 5Titanium Sekirei 5
08-03-2008Sekirei 5Chihiro Sekirei 5
08-02-2008Sekirei 5Hatsuyuki Fansub Sekirei 5
08-04-2008Sekirei 4Chihiro Sekirei 4
08-02-2008Sekirei 4Titanium Sekirei 4
07-27-2008Sekirei 4Hatsuyuki Fansub Sekirei 4
08-05-2008Sekirei 3Genjo-Subs Sekirei 3
07-27-2008Sekirei 3Musubi Sekirei 3
07-23-2008Sekirei 3Titanium Sekirei 3
07-17-2008Sekirei 3Chihiro Sekirei 3