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Manga Author: Masashi Kishimoto
Manga Artist: Masashi Kishimoto

Summary: Uzumaki Naruto was sealed with the nine-tailed demon fox that attacked his ninja village of Konoha in his infancy. As a result, the villagers have ignored and looked down on him his whole life. The story of Naruto follows him on his quest to become the strongest ninja in his village to force everybody to recognize his existance, but first he must pass the entrance exam in the ninja academy.

Genre(s): action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, shounen, supernatural

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ReleasedLangSeries / EpisodeGroup(s)DL
12-19-2009Naruto 250Dattebayo Naruto 250
12-19-2009Naruto 249Dattebayo Naruto 249
ArchiveNaruto 220Dattebayo Naruto 220
ArchiveNaruto 219NarutoBuzz Naruto 219
ArchiveNaruto 219Dattebayo Naruto 219
ArchiveNaruto 218Dattebayo Naruto 218
ArchiveNaruto 217Dattebayo Naruto 217
ArchiveNaruto 216AnimeOne Naruto 216
ArchiveNaruto 216Dattebayo Naruto 216
ArchiveNaruto 214Dattebayo Naruto 214
ArchiveNaruto 213Dattebayo Naruto 213
ArchiveNaruto 212Dattebayo Naruto 212
ArchiveNaruto 211Dattebayo Naruto 211
ArchiveNaruto 210Dattebayo Naruto 210
ArchiveNaruto 209Dattebayo Naruto 209
ArchiveNaruto 208Dattebayo Naruto 208
ArchiveNaruto 207Dattebayo Naruto 207
ArchiveNaruto 206Dattebayo Naruto 206
ArchiveNaruto 202Dattebayo Naruto 202
ArchiveNaruto 201Dattebayo Naruto 201
ArchiveNaruto 200AnimeOne Naruto 200
ArchiveNaruto 200Dattebayo Naruto 200
ArchiveNaruto 199Dattebayo Naruto 199
ArchiveNaruto 198Dattebayo Naruto 198
ArchiveNaruto 197AnimeOne Naruto 197