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Manga Author: Masayuki Ishikawa
Manga Artist: Masayuki Ishikawa
Manga Serialized in: Evening (Kodansha)

Summary: Meet Sawaki Tadayasu, second son of yeast preparation suppliers, who is forced to go to an agricultural university and continue the family business. He has the unique ability to see microbes, and so he and his friend, Kei, are taken as students to the fermentation-process obsessed Itsuki-sensei. This manga follows Sawaki as he tries to make his way through university as discreetly as possible… which is pretty impossible if you’re as talented as he is.

Genre(s): comedy, school-life, seinen

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ReleasedLangSeries / EpisodeGroup(s)DL
01-24-2008Moyashimon 11BSS Moyashimon 11
01-17-2008Moyashimon 11Kiki Delivers Moyashimon 11
01-23-2008Moyashimon 10BSS Moyashimon 10
01-18-2008Moyashimon 10Kiki Delivers Moyashimon 10
01-24-2008Moyashimon 9BSS Moyashimon 9
01-18-2008Moyashimon 9Kiki Delivers Moyashimon 9
01-24-2008Moyashimon 8BSS Moyashimon 8
01-19-2008Moyashimon 8Kiki Delivers Moyashimon 8
01-17-2008Moyashimon 8SEES Moyashimon 8
01-24-2008Moyashimon 7BSS Moyashimon 7
01-18-2008Moyashimon 7Kiki Delivers Moyashimon 7
01-16-2008Moyashimon 7SEES Moyashimon 7
ArchiveMoyashimon 6BSS Moyashimon 6
ArchiveMoyashimon 5Shinsen-Subs Moyashimon 5
ArchiveMoyashimon 5BSS Moyashimon 5
ArchiveMoyashimon 4Shinsen-Subs Moyashimon 4
ArchiveMoyashimon 4Bullet Speed Sub Moyashimon 4
ArchiveMoyashimon 3Shinsen-Subs Moyashimon 3
ArchiveMoyashimon 3Bullet Speed Sub Moyashimon 3
ArchiveMoyashimon 2Shinsen-Subs Moyashimon 2
ArchiveMoyashimon 2Bullet Speed Sub Moyashimon 2
ArchiveMoyashimon 1Umai Moyashimon 1
ArchiveMoyashimon 1Shinsen-Subs Moyashimon 1
ArchiveMoyashimon 1Bullet Speed Sub Moyashimon 1
03-28-2008Moyashimon 0Bullet Speed Sub Moyashimon 0