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Manga Author: Oku Hiroya
Manga Artist: Oku Hiroya

Summary: In a digital realm between life and the hereafter, there lies an empty room, a black sphere, and the trapped souls of the unfortunate. Here, the only meaning left is in the brutal game. Welcome to GANTZ, the next level of action, horror, and science fiction.

Genre(s): action, ecchi, mature, romance, sci-fi, seinen, supernatural

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ReleasedLangSeries / EpisodeGroup(s)DL
ArchiveGantz 11AnimeOne Gantz 11
ArchiveGantz 11Anime-Keep Gantz 11
ArchiveGantz 10AnimeOne Gantz 10
ArchiveGantz 10Anime-Keep Gantz 10
ArchiveGantz 9AnimeOne Gantz 9
ArchiveGantz 9Anime-Keep Gantz 9
ArchiveGantz 8Anime-Keep Gantz 8
ArchiveGantz 8AnimeOne Gantz 8
ArchiveGantz 7AnimeOne Gantz 7
ArchiveGantz 7Anime-Keep Gantz 7
ArchiveGantz 6AnimeOne Gantz 6
ArchiveGantz 5AnimeOne Gantz 5
ArchiveGantz 5Anime-Keep Gantz 5
ArchiveGantz 4AnimeOne Gantz 4
ArchiveGantz 4Anime-Keep Gantz 4
ArchiveGantz 3AnimeOne Gantz 3
ArchiveGantz 3Anime-Keep Gantz 3
ArchiveGantz 2Anime-Keep Gantz 2
ArchiveGantz 2AnimeOne Gantz 2
ArchiveGantz 1Anime-Keep Gantz 1