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Fairy Tail

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Also Known as: fairy tale
Manga Author: Hiro Mashima
Manga Artist: Hiro Mashima

Summary: In the Fairy Tail universe, some people are gifted to use magic, which often grant them capabilities far beyond those of normal people. This society of wizards and sorcerers align themselves to different Magical Guilds, where missions to earn pay, as well as other information involving magic can be found. The story follows Natsu (a flame mage) and newcomer Lucy (a stellar spirit mage) as they take on missions for their guild, Fairy Tail.
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Genre(s): action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, shounen, supernatural

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ReleasedLangSeries / EpisodeGroup(s)DL
05-02-2012Fairy Tail 128kyuubi Fairy Tail 128
05-30-2012Fairy Tail 115GX_ST Fairy Tail 115
05-30-2012Fairy Tail 114GX_ST Fairy Tail 114
05-30-2012Fairy Tail 113GX_ST Fairy Tail 113
03-10-2012Fairy Tail 112Generation NeXt Fairy Tail 112
ArchiveFairy Tail 25Generation NeXt Fairy Tail 25
ArchiveFairy Tail 24Generation NeXt Fairy Tail 24
ArchiveFairy Tail 23Generation NeXt Fairy Tail 23
ArchiveFairy Tail 22Generation NeXt Fairy Tail 22
ArchiveFairy Tail 21Generation NeXt Fairy Tail 21
ArchiveFairy Tail 20Generation NeXt Fairy Tail 20
ArchiveFairy Tail 19Generation NeXt Fairy Tail 19
ArchiveFairy Tail 18Generation NeXt Fairy Tail 18
ArchiveFairy Tail 17Generation NeXt Fairy Tail 17
ArchiveFairy Tail 16Generation NeXt Fairy Tail 16
ArchiveFairy Tail 15Generation NeXt Fairy Tail 15
ArchiveFairy Tail 14Generation NeXt Fairy Tail 14
ArchiveFairy Tail 13Generation NeXt Fairy Tail 13
ArchiveFairy Tail 12Generation NeXt Fairy Tail 12
ArchiveFairy Tail 11Generation NeXt Fairy Tail 11
ArchiveFairy Tail 10Generation NeXt Fairy Tail 10
ArchiveFairy Tail 9Generation NeXt Fairy Tail 9
ArchiveFairy Tail 8Generation NeXt Fairy Tail 8
11-26-2009Fairy Tail 7Keishou-Fansubs Fairy Tail 7
11-26-2009Fairy Tail 7SF Fairy Tail 7