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ReleasedLangSeries / EpisodeGroup(s)DL
03-06-2013One Piece 586HorribleSubs One Piece 586
03-06-2013Naruto Shippuuden 302HorribleSubs Naruto Shippuuden 302
12-07-2012Naruto Shippuuden 292Narutoverse Naruto Shippuuden 292
12-02-2012One Piece 575HorribleSubs One Piece 575
11-15-2012Naruto Shippuuden 289HorribleSubs Naruto Shippuuden 289
05-30-2012Fairy Tail 115GX_ST Fairy Tail 115
05-30-2012Fairy Tail 114GX_ST Fairy Tail 114
05-30-2012Fairy Tail 113GX_ST Fairy Tail 113
05-02-2012Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth 5HorribleSubs Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth 5
05-02-2012Fairy Tail 128kyuubi Fairy Tail 128
05-02-2012One Piece 544yibis One Piece 544
04-03-2012Rave Master 1Generation NeXt Rave Master 1
03-29-2012Black Rock Shooter 6Generation NeXt Black Rock Shooter 6
03-10-2012Black Rock Shooter 5Generation NeXt Black Rock Shooter 5
03-10-2012Fairy Tail 112Generation NeXt Fairy Tail 112
08-29-2011Bleach 336HorribleSubs Bleach 336
07-29-2011Bleach 331SGKK Bleach 331
05-20-2011Ao no Exorcist 3gg Ao no Exorcist 3
05-20-2011Ao no Exorcist 4gg Ao no Exorcist 4
05-20-2011Ao no Exorcist 5gg Ao no Exorcist 5
04-25-2011Ao no Exorcist 2Kakashi Guy Ao no Exorcist 2
04-23-2011Deadman Wonderland 3HorribleSubs Deadman Wonderland 3
04-23-2011Beelzebub 14HorribleSubs Beelzebub 14
04-21-2011Sket Dance 3HorribleSubs Sket Dance 3
04-17-2011Ao no Exorcist 1gg Ao no Exorcist 1
04-16-2011Toriko 2SGKK & A-Destiny Toriko 2
04-16-2011Sket Dance 2HorribleSubs Sket Dance 2
04-16-2011Sket Dance 2HorribleSubs Sket Dance 2
04-16-2011Aria the Scarlet Ammo 1\o/ Aria the Scarlet Ammo 1
04-16-2011Aria the Scarlet Ammo 1gg Fansubs Aria the Scarlet Ammo 1
04-16-2011Aria the Scarlet Ammo 1HorribleSubs Aria the Scarlet Ammo 1
04-16-2011Deadman Wonderland 1HorribleSubs Deadman Wonderland 1
04-07-2011Sket Dance 1HorribleSubs Sket Dance 1
04-06-2011Toriko 1A-Destiny & SGKK Toriko 1
04-04-2011Beelzebub 11HorribleSubs Beelzebub 11
04-03-2011Beelzebub 11Phantom Beelzebub 11
03-05-2011Naruto Shippuuden 201\o/ Naruto Shippuuden 201
03-02-2011Kekkaishi 10Yoroshiku Kekkaishi 10
03-02-2011Kekkaishi 9Yoroshiku Kekkaishi 9
03-02-2011Kekkaishi 8Yoroshiku Kekkaishi 8